Tax Resolution and You So Act Now

Tax Resolution and You

Tax Resolution and You So Act NowTax problems can result in underpayment of taxes, failing to file a tax return, and impending IRS audit, and from many other things. If you are experiencing a tax problem, don’t hesitate to find a solution. The IRS doesn’t just go away.

Acting fast and finding the right solution could save you interest penalties and stop further actions from the IRS. Discovering the right solution for your situation might suspend collection activities before they start.

Moving forward now is essential to get a break from IRS notices and letters. It may assist in requesting a hold on wage garnishments and activities, including tax liens and levies.

Don’t get overwhelmed by your tax debt. A good tax resolution company will take immediate action to work on resolving your tax debt issues. Tax problems can stay with you unless you have the right someone fighting for your rights.

Issues and Solutions

Finding the right tax solution for your needs could depend on many factors; it’s impossible to determine what strategy is best for you without a brief conversation with one of our professionals.

Because there are so many factors involved in determining the right tax solution, it’s impossible to decide on what strategy is best for you without a brief conversation with a professional. Your case findings will include your income, liabilities, assets, and expenses, all of which factor into finding the right resolution strategy.

Common IRS Issues:


  • Bank levies, wage garnishments, asset seizure
  • Unfiled tax returns
  • Conflicts with, or misinformation from Revenue Officer
  • Tax Liens (State and Federal)
  • Seizure of IRS or state tax refunds
  • 1040 personal income taxes
  • 1040 Personal Taxes for sole proprietorships and single-member LLCs
  • 1099 income and/or “worker classification” issues
  • Civil Penalties for business Trust Fund taxes (State and Federal)
  • SFR – Substitution for Return (basically the IRS files for you)

Common Solutions:

  • Installment Agreements: We can negotiate installment agreement terms that fit your budget.
  • Offer in Compromise: Depending on your income and assets, a “Pennies on the Dollar” settlement may be an option. The IRS is not known for giving gifts and doesn’t approve many Offers in Compromise. However, it may be a possibility and save many thousands of dollars.
  • Wage Garnishment and Bank Levy Relief: If you’ve had your wages garnished or bank accounts levied, we will work to get your money released, as well as prevent further aggressive enforced collections.
  • Partial Pay Installment Agreement: Think of this as somethinging between an Installment Agreement and an Offer in Compromise.
  • Currently Not Collectible Status: Many of our clients don’t have the funds for an installment arrangement, though their assets or income make an Offer in Compromise impossible. For these clients, we may pursue a “CNC” status.
  • Unfiled Tax Returns: You may have unfiled or past-due tax returns of all sorts. Quite often, filing these missing returns will reduce the amount that the IRS or State is claiming. We can assist in several ways, including finding ways to extend you the time you need to complete and submit missing forms.
  • Tax Lien Issues: A credit-crippling tax lien will get filed if you wait too long to address your back taxes. Don’t Wait! Get help to prevent this and save you a lot of money and stress in the long run. If you already have tax liens, It might be possible to have IRS liens removed even before the debt is satisfied, if certain conditions are met.


Business Tax Relief

The types of taxes involved in running a business are numerous and make keeping track of it all a difficult task. The IRS collects 940 and 941 payroll taxes, 1120 corporate income, and federal excise taxes, among others. Most states have their version of IRS taxes in addition to their specific types of sales tax, withholding, unemployment, and more. The many different types of state taxes can make it hard to keep up and easy to fall behind.

Because the government has vast power to seize bank accounts and assets, businesses behind on taxes must get professional help. Receive calls from business owners who have found their bank accounts literally empty from a bank levy happens!

We work 100% with the collection division, protecting our clients’ assets from collections and seizure, giving distance and time to formulate a winning strategy. We are very effective at saving you money while minimizing stress.


IRS and State Business Taxes

We all know that the IRS is aggressive in collecting their tax money. All 50 states are very assertive when securing funds, and they often move quicker than the IRS in filing tax liens, levying bank accounts, and going after your receivables. Business tax relief strategies become even more complicated when both the IRS and state are looking to collect. Each taxing authority is in a race against the other to secure money from a business with limited funds.


If you have a state tax issue, are missing returns, or already dealing with bank levies or receivable garnishments, seeking expert help from a licensed Enrolled Agent is the best first step in fixing your issues. Negotiating with government taxing authorities makes for an ill-fated “do it yourself” project. The difference between having an expert help you, or doing it yourself, could be the difference between you being in business a year from now or not.


Common IRS Business Tax Types and Issues:

  • 941 payroll
  • 1040 Personal Taxes for sole proprietorships and single-member LLCs
  • 1058, CP 90, CP 91, and CP 504 Levy Enforcements
  • Accounts Receivable Levies
  • 1099 and worker classification issues
  • Civil Penalties for Trust Fund
  • Unfiled Tax Returns
  • SFR – Substitution for Return (essentially the IRS files for you)
  • Seizure of IRS or state tax refunds
  • Tax Liens


State tax types and issues:

  • Withholding taxes and missing returns
  • Personal income taxes for sole proprietorships and single-member LLCs
  • Bank levies
  • Accounts Receivable levies
  • Wage garnishments
  • Unemployment taxes and missing returns
  • Workers compensation
  • Use taxes
  • Franchise taxes
  • Tax lien issues
  • Liquor Licenses and Taxes


Common Business Tax Solutions:

There are many factors involved in business taxes, from assets to cash flow to ownership and responsible fiduciary questions, it’s impossible to determine what strategy is best for you and your business without a conversation with a tax relief professional. Below is a list of potential options for resolving your business tax issue.


  • Installment Agreements: When you can’t pay all of their business taxes in the time frame or amounts that the IRS or state is demanding, we will get you the best terms possible for your wants and needs.
  • Levy Reversals: The IRS and state taxing authority’s literally empty money out of business’s bank accounts, often crippling their ability to pay bills and make payroll.
  • Tax Liens: By getting ahead of the tax issue, we can often prevent tax liens. It may be possible to have a tax lien removed for business property transactions as well.
  • Offer in Compromise: If your business has minimal assets and income, you may qualify for the IRS’s Offer in Compromise program, and settle for less than is owed. The process is quite lengthy and complicated and varies by state. Depending on what taxes are in question, some states may or may not accept similar offers.
  • Corporate Formation or Shutdown: Starting a new corporation with a unique tax ID number, new identity, and a fresh start may make sense. New corporate formation or a current shutdown can be very complicated. If not completed the first time correctly, all previous debt could follow you personally and to the new business, putting you or your successor back at square one.


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Tax Resolution and You Tax Relief Overview

“Tax Relief” means something different to every client. Some people just need time and protection from the IRS hassle. Other people need more affordable repayment terms. It may be reductions in improper penalties or even a reduced-settlement offer. Finding the right tax relief strategy for your situation will include factors like income, assets, and expenses.

Depending upon your unique circumstance, there may be several combined options to resolve your tax issue.

If you owe back taxes to the IRS or State, you are making the right choice in finding a solution and moving forward. IRS PROBLEMS GONE can help. We specialize in defending businesses and individuals who are behind on taxes or have past-due tax filings and tax returns. We will keep the taxing authorities at a distance, and above all, make sure you do not pay a penny more than you should.

Our goal is to give you a fresh start. If you can afford to pay your taxes but just need more time and breathing room, we will make that happen. If you cannot afford to pay what the government claims you owe, we will find the best option for you to get a permanent solution.

How to Proceed

Our team of experienced tax debt professionals will be available to help you every step of the way.

Our tax professionals are members of various tax organizations, including the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP).


Trusted for over 20 years

Our professionals have over 20 years in the tax industry, helping hardworking clients get access to simple solutions to manage their taxes, tax refunds, and more.

During your free consultation, we will review and assess the situation. We will layout the tax relief process for you and explain what to expect as the process proceeds.

Learn about our process for tax resolution and you

We charge two fees, one for documentation gathering and review, and the other for the Resolution. At the end of our free consultation, if you decide to have IRS Problems Gone start the investigation, you can lock in the documentation fee.

Once at the end of the documentation review process, after we have clearly explained your options, you can move forward to your Resolution.

At the end of the documentation phase, we’ll have a good idea of what your tax relief resolution options are, and we’ll create and recommend a resolution plan that’s right for you.

Tax Resolution and You

IRS Problems Gone!

Count on us to solve your tax issues, and our trained professionals will find the solutions you need. Let us file your taxes and get every deduction you deserve. We have tax professionals that can help with all types of individual, family, and business tax situations.


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