Tax FAQ from Our Visitors

FAQ from Our Visitors

Do we currently have client openings?

Yes, we are accepting new clients.

Why use a CPA instead of TurboTax software?

Our Professionals can help you analyze your tax return and ask questions to pull out the deductions that a system can’t. Also, when you are sitting in front of a computer doing your tax return, you can’t ask it a question. You will have conversations with Carla DeWitt CPA or her staff so that we can answer your questions and get you the best tax position possible and the maximum refund.

Can you use my Quickbooks files for taxes?

Yes, we work with Quickbooks files for tax filing and tax planning. We also work with tax software like DRAKE, TURBOTAX, and others.

Why should I plan ahead for next years taxes, I have it withdrawn for my payroll automatically?

Tax Planning can help to determine when, whether, and how to conduct business and personal transactions to reduce or eliminate tax liability. We help you analyze how to take full advantage of the provisions, credits, and deductions that are legally available to you.

Will I get the best refund possible?

Carla, and our experienced staff of friendly tax professionals are dedicated to providing you the highest quality tax preparation services while getting you all the tax credits and deductions you deserve.

We don’t reside in Indiana, can you still help?

Yes, We have clients in several states. Call us and we can discuss the process for your needs.

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